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Hitachi High-Tech in America

Multi Purpose SEM "Inspago" RS6000 Series (Defect Review)

Inline Multi Purpose Defect Review SEM to contribute for next generation by high speed ADR and accurate ADC.


Superior Quality and Contrast

  • New electron optic system provides enhanced resolution and contrast, and robustness for charging effect for capturing small and shallow defects.

High Throughput Automatic Defect Review (ADR)

  • Detection algorithms recognize the pattern repetitiveness on wafers and automatically select the proper ADR Comparison Mode in order to achieve the highest possible throughput.

High Accuracy Automatic Defect Classification (ADC)

  • Hitachi proprietary classification algorithm achieves an easy-operation and high accuracy ADC.


  • Automatic Defect Review of Unpatterned Wafers
  • Inspection & Process Qualifier (iPQ)
  • Systematic Defect Classification (SDC)

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